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"Fake Coach Bags also launched this winter ski rabbit (seen) series, its design inspiration comes from" ski ", make the modelling of the outline of lively and handsome young women in winter. Because of using the nylon material, make this kind of bag and easy-to-use, decorated with tiny "snow," the scintillation clever. In addition, holiday series black velvet late clip package also absolutely is the first choice for dinner party."

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Karen took the Fake Coach Bags Cheap, the wave ski rabbit garden series limited edition Bella handbags satisfactorily say with smile: "the little white has' Bella rabbit is so lovely, so special, feel very warm, and carry it to attend the Christmas party, will certainly become the focus of all!"

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In 2010, two brands through Vouge/the CFDA fashion events together for the first time.The Coach is sponsorships, and Reid is the competition winner."Billy with its southern style and unique perspective,Cheap Fake Coach Purses China bring a fresh trend in fashion," Coach, men series design department, senior vice President Jeffrey Uhl said, "his focus of technology, quality and history coincides with the Coach."

It is reported, Fake Coach Bags for Sale Billy Reid series will selection by Coach flagship store in September, Coach, official website, the boutiques and billyreid Billy Reid's official website for sale.